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How to make international student mobility more inclusive? How to reduce the carbon footprint of physical mobility and create greener options? How to develop good-quality, digitally-enhanced models, that complement existing formats?  

Through this event – Towards comprehensive mobility approaches: marrying the inclusion, sustainability and the digital agendas – we’ll start connecting the dots, together with speakers from the European Commission, internationalisation funding agencies (ACA members) and networks of higher education institutions. We will investigate the potential tensions between these objectives, put forward constructive ideas and explore paths for how to deliver on the vision of international student mobility that is more inclusive, sustainable and digitally enhanced – all at once.   

This exciting, hybrid event will feature an intimate audience of approx. 20 people on-site, alongside speakers and organisers, with many more remotely tuning in. Due to the limited capacity for our in-person audience, we cannot guarantee the possibility of on-site attendance for all those who express a preference for this mode. In case the interest of attending in-person will surpass available seats, we will select the participants wishing to attend in-person, to ensure a diversity of representation. We will confirm via a separate email the mode of attendance to all those who express a preference for on-site attendance, by 6 September 2021.

Registrations are open until Friday, 3 September 2021, EOB.
Please also note, if you choose to attend in person, we fully trust that you comply with the recommendations and regulations of the European Union, and that you will only attend if you have a recent negative Covid test, proof of a positive antigen test, or have been fully vaccinated. 

For more information about the event, including the speakers and programme, click here.



Start: September 8, 2021
9:30 AM
End: September 8, 2021
12:30 PM
Academic Cooperation Association



German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

  • German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

    The DAAD is a joint organisation of Germany’s higher education institutions. It promotes international academic relations all over the world, primarily through the exchange of students, academics and researchers. It offers more than 200 student and faculty scholarship and cooperation programmes which are open to applicants from abroad and Germany alike and cover all academic disciplines and all countries. In addition, the DAAD is funding the internationalisation of Germany’s universities through worldwide institutional partnerships, summer schools, international degree programmes, etc. Supporting the reform of higher education systems in developing and transition countries in the South and the East is one of DAAD`s tasks as well. All funding decisions are being taken by independent academic Selection Committees.

    DAAD is also maintaining and establishing German language, literature and culture studies at selected universities around the world. International marketing of study, research and training in Germany and in the European Union belongs to DAAD’s main objectives as well. Besides the above mentioned activities the DAAD is acting as National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation (LLP-ERASMUS, ERASMUS Mundus, TEMPUS and other EU-Third Country Cooperation Programmes). All in all, the DAAD is supporting with a total budget of €350 million more than 55.000 people in cross-border education and research and 30.000 in mobility activities funded through LLP/ERASMUS.

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Dům zahraniční spolupráce, Czech National Agency for International Education (DZS)

  • Dům zahraniční spolupráce, Czech National Agency for International Education (DZS)

    Dům zahraniční spolupráce (DZS) is an organisation established and directly managed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. The DZS performs tasks involved with ensuring educational, training and other relations with foreign countries under the instructions of the ministry. The DZS is responsible for a number of international programmes, carries out activities relating to promotion of education, provides information and consultation services and organises national and international seminars and conferences. The services are aimed at individuals, students, teachers, directors of all types of schools and other professionals, educational organisations and associations whose activities are related to education, and also both central and local authorities.

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Vluhr International

  • Vluhr International

    VLUHR QA is an independent evaluation body in Flanders. VLUHR KZ focuses on the organisation of external quality assurance (programme assessment), setting up quality improvement trajectories in the Flemish education, learning and training landscape and writing learning outcomes.

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Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills

  • Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills

    The Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills has an overall national responsibility for administrative tasks within higher education, higher vocational education and skills policy. The Directorate is a professional adviser to the Ministry of Education and Research, which implements policy and coordinates the means.

    The Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills contributes to developing the quality of education and training, strengthening international cooperation, and contributes to the digital transformation of universities and university colleges. The Directorate works to raise the competence of the population, make education and training of high quality available to all throughout life, and ensure access to a competent workforce to employers.

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Academic Cooperation Association

  • Academic Cooperation Association

    The Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) is a federation of national organisations from Europe and beyond, which all fund and encourage the internationalisation of their higher education systems. Acting as an advocate of internationalisation world-wide, ACA offers these actors a European multilateral platform for cooperation, the development of long-lasting partnerships, and innovation in higher education. ACA stands for many things, but above all, it is an expert centre, producing studies and evaluations, organising international seminars and conferences, and providing information on new developments in European and global higher education.

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